Beatseqr is part of a series of programs that I’m going to call “the Dobox toolchain” because they all work together.  Here’s an overview graphic to give you an idea of how the apps and systems work together:


  • beatsqr is the hardware controller.  It’s a ton of fun to use
  • roxor (created and managed by 3rl.us) is an application that talks to a beatseqr, and then transmits it’s parameters out as OSC data (open sound control) to the network.
  • steppa (created and managed by dajis systems) is a max/msp application that listens for the OSC values and creates a midi loop.
  • your music/visuals app…  basically anything that can accept midi data from the network.. Logic, Live, and Reason have all been tested, and in theory just about any modern midi app should also work.  Quartz composer has also been proven to accept midi note data from steppa and can translate it as parameters for visuals.

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