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Beatseqr is an amazing performance tool on the cutting edge of the experimental hardware.. um.. sword? So as such, there are a few things that you will need to do to get it going.

Here’s the steps to get up and running with beatseqr for the first time:

  1. download and install the latest FTDI driver:
  2. download and install any java update available from software update. No updates may be available, that’s ok.  If you’re having problems with not being able to get the apps below running,Check this post.
  3. If you are on Snow Leopard, follow the instructions found on this URL, the parts you need are below: 

    Open up and copy-paste each of these lines:

    cd /tmp/
    curl -o java.1.5.0-leopard.tar.gz
    tar -xvzf java.1.5.0-leopard.tar.gz
    sudo mv 1.5.0 /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.5.0-leopard
    cd /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/
    sudo rm 1.5.0
    sudo ln -s 1.5.0-leopard 1.5.0
    sudo rm 1.5
    sudo ln -s 1.5.0 1.5
    open "/Applications/Utilities/Java"

    – Change the properties to use Java 5 32-bit by default as seen in this graphic:

  4. download the latest version of Roxor.
    (As of today:
  5. download the latest version of steppa.
    (as of today:

Then, here are the steps you’ll take to get rolling every time:

  1. plug in the beatseqr hardware
  2. launch roxor and let it finish connecting to the hardware. When it’s connected, you can twirl one of the knobs and it should display a changing value for either tempo or swing. You can click on the button next to the hardware name if it is not the first item in the list.  For instance, old G4 laptops had modems, which showed up as the first two items in this list, in which case you would click on the button for the third item in the list of devices.
  3. Open up the steppa folder and double click on “” to launch it.
  4. when steppa launches, click on the drop down list item and select “From steppa” or a similarly named option.
  5. turn one of the knobs on the beatseqr hardware to verify connectivity between beatseqr to roxor to steppa. The bpm or swing value should update on the hardware, in roxor, and steppa at the same time
  6. launch your music application and start rockin’ your beatseqr.

Additional steps you may need to do in order to get your software connected to the midi stream:

Propellerhead Reason:

  • in your preferences, be sure that the Max/MSP midi source is available and selected into one of the four midi sources.
  • Twirl down the options for the reason audio device. It’s the first “instrument” in your rack.  Make sure the advanced midi device option is on.
  • Find the channel you assigned the max/msp midi source to, and assign it to an instrument that you have in your rack.
  • by default, beatseqr will control midi note numbers 36 through 43, which, for instance, would be the first 8 channels of ReDrum.

Logic / Logic Express / Garageband

  • No known extra steps required. If you have problems, leave a comment and we’ll investigate.

Ableton Live

  • No known extra steps required. If you have problems, leave a comment and we’ll investigate.


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