voice mode select

The same buttons that you use for Voice Select can be used for alternative purposes. In addition to voice select, Beatseqr v3 also has two midi CC toggle modes for the voice select buttons. One is called “Mute Mode”, and the other is called “Toggle Mode”. This is a bit misleading, and I’m sorry about that. Both are arbitrary midi CC toggle banks. Originally, I had them set up to be “Mute” and “Solo” modes, but then that required me to have two letter “S” based indicators on the LCD screen, and so I changed the solo mode to a more accurate and generic “toggle” mode instead. But make no mistake, you can still assign mute and solo duties to these toggle banks if you like. Or anything in your music software or hardware that will accept a midi CC Toggle as an assignable control. I just didn’t want to make the screen super confusing. Now it’s just “less” confusing. Continue clicking on the “Voice Mode” button to cycle through the various modes.

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