fader mode select

The eight faders on the v3 beatseqr can be used for different purposes. The default purpose is to control each of the eight voices’ midi velocity. The two other purposes are to control eight arbitrary midi CC values, and to set each of the eight voices’ midi note number. The symbol on the LCD was designed to somewhat indicate a fader with an “M” underneath to indicate “Fader Mode”. The symbol next to that custom LCD character will tell you what mode the faders are in without having to toggle the fader mode button or wiggly any of the faders. The first symbol is a combination of “V” and “L” to indicate “Midi Velocity”. Next is a combination of two letter “C”s for “Midi CC”. Lastly is a combination of two letter “N”s to indicate “Midi Note Number”.

An important thing to note is that the values of the faders is remembered when you click out of the current mode and you make changes in a different fader mode. When you return to a fader mode that you’ve made changes to, you’ll need to move the fader back to the last value it was at before it will start registering new values. This is a feature. There’s room for improvement here, but we did that so you don’t get completely weird fader values when you change modes.

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