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Synthseqr sneak peek

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I was able to test out synthseqr live with my band Haptic Synapses, the night we also played with Antacid Crew, and it was a lot of fun! I posted a video of us playing and synthseqr is in there, but I wanted to make a new video to show the progress I’ve been making. Derek Scott is also working on some great functionality coming soon, and of course he’s the chief architect of Steppa, which synthseqr runs on top of. So check it out and let me know what you think.

Synthseqr – this might be fun.

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Ok, so I know I’ve been severely radio-silent for the last 6 months or so.  We had our second baby, I got a 3d printer, and decided that I need to get back into a regular exercise schedule.  So free time at night is scheduled very tightly. I know I previously stated that the 3d printer wouldn’t be a distraction, but I was way wrong. It’s a huge distraction.

Anyway, between it all, I have two nights a week that are explicitly scheduled for development of beatseqr and other related projects. Enter: synthseqr.

Synthseqr by Beatseqr


About two years ago, I started to think about what would be next, once beatseqr was up and running, and it seemed fairly obvious that a complimentary tool would be something for melodic sequencing.  At the time I hadn’t consciously intended to copy the interface of anything, but it turns out that the idea that was new to me, of course, isn’t a new idea at all.  I love the 16 step sequencer workflow. It seems very natural to me for the kind of music I like to make, so I wanted something to help with synths while I rock some beats with beatseqr.  Synthseqr is intended to play that part.

Frankly, it’s just not working yet, and there’s an insane amount of work left to do to get it ready to show off the way I want to.  But I wanted to post this to let you know that I’m still here. I’m still working on projects.  If you’ve emailed me, I do intend to get back to you about a time frame for beatseqr availability.  I won’t make any more excuses.  I’m just working at my bandwidth limit. Whew, have you ever had two young kids?  I need a nap.

This is not a distraction

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I ordered a thing-o-matic. It should arrive in a month. Then another month to build it. Then I can get on to the important task of making beatseqr keychains.

No, but seriously, I think I can prototype top panel layouts and button arrays using the 3d printer. That could be a welcome change from the seemingly endless cycle of wasted time and money while producing new… things. Crap. I’m supposed to not say any more, aren’t I.

Family reunion

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That’s a lot of beatseqrs!


Top panel final

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It took a few iterations, but I think this works. Oh. Haha. I just realized how similar this look is to the version 3 acrylic cases. That’s probably why I like it. Anyway… I know the whole world is collapsing, but I’m pretty much done with research for version 4.51. I have a few of these boxes, then capacity for about more 10 boxes. Then I start to run out of some parts that are end of life’d, and I’ll have to re-evaluate my options.

What I do need to do is set up some customer relationship management infrastructure. But, I can do that behind the scenes.

Artwork overlay test results

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Interesting. Took a *long* time. Food for thought.

Top panel laminated artwork overlay experiment

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I’m going to test out a laminated paper artwork overlay. Here’s a first pass. Actually … Second pass. First one sucked bigtime. This one feels pretty good. I’ll post another photo when it’s laminated and mounted to the case.

Horizontal cnc jig results

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Alright, this jig I made to hold the dremel flex shaft horizontally worked *beautifully*. I hand-programmed the gcode, and I obviously have some more fine tuning to do, but overall, I’m on the right track!

Here’s the nice clean hole the jig produced. Adjustments required, but almost there.


Here’s the jig that’s holding the case down.

Video of the jig in action:

Horizontal cnc mod

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Alright so one of the last hurdles to jump before I’m ready for production is being ready to cut holes in the sides of the enclosures for the USB cable. I’ve been doing this by hand with a dremel with *extremely* variable results. :-/ So, when my pal Jim was up for a visit earlier this year, he helped brainstorm on some ideas and this was the concept we ended up with. Using the dxf files for the cnc machine, I was able to locate the hole pattern and design a new piece that will bolt on to the existing z axis gantry. This new piece, with the help of some shape lock, securely holds a flex shaft attachment for a dremel… Which in theory should let me jig a beatseqr enclosure to the table and cut nice clean square holes without and problems or sloppiness. In theory. But man, I’m getting really close to having the infrastructure in place to do what I want. Getting pretty exciting up in here!!


Solving problems: LRF support

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When I have a bit more time, I’ll post a video, but I just couldn’t locate mechanically fastening LRF’s to the specs I need. So I drew up a concept on some paper, redrew it in illustrator, exported it to dxf, imported it to sheetcam, and cut a casting mold. I used the smooth-on shore hardness 40 silicone since I’ve decided it’s too tough to work with for my buttons… Turned out pretty good! Maybe a little too tall. But it will be easy enough to slice off this mold and try again. I’m loving the time from concept to iteration. Very fast!! And I’m not committed to hundreds of failed designs. Just a couple few. I’ll even use these for experimental projects.