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Signs of life

admin | July 11, 2013 in hardware,howitsmade | Comments (0)

It’s been a productive few months. I bought an industrial fume extractor for the laser. I’ve been getting a lot of experience with this particular laser under my belt making sculptures and whatnot, and over the last couple of weeks, major movement on beatseqr case design. Welcome back white acrylic case! Still dialing in all the parameters, but feeling good so far.












DJ Mojo drum and bass demo

steve | April 5, 2011 in audio,examples,hardware,software | Comments (0)

Yeeeeah, check this video out! This is my friend DJ Mojo in L.A. He was a major guy in the underground electronic music scene in the 90’s, and since then has been documenting the history of our slice of the musical history spectrum, thinking very deeply about new music interfaces, producing remixes, and mix sessions. Here Mojo is demoing Beatseqr on a Windows machine using the Sonar DAW. Awesome!!

Find Mojo on Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud

Midi Channel Select and Octave Adjust

steve | January 25, 2011 in audio,examples,hardware,performance,software | Comments (0)

Here’s a video of me playing around with the new features I wrote into the beatseqr v4 firmware. You can now change the midi channel per voice from a new mode on the faders, and you can also now offset the octave of the midi note numbers from a new knob mode. I’m still working on the interface on the LCD to make it clear what’s going on when you’re jumping around modes but as soon as it’s ready, I’ll make the source available.

Oh, and then I also have an iPad with Korg iMS-20 running. 🙂

Steve Cooley beatseqr arduino based drum sequencer plus reason & iPad + iMS-20 from stevecooley on Vimeo.

Jonathan Golub video #2

steve | November 9, 2010 in audio,examples,hardware | Comments (0)

Jonathan’s back with another video! This one shows how he set up beatseqr in his studio to work with his hardware audio devices. Sweet!!